Education in 2018: Trends Discussed

From online learning to AI-inclined settings and from niche education to augmented reality – education in 2018 will only assume a more challenging yet

From online learning to AI-inclined settings and from niche education to augmented reality – education in 2018 will only assume a more challenging yet exciting shape. The education trends of 2018 – documented in this post – are all that educators need to know about. As has been expected, the education sector has been consistently keen on embracing technology in its more effective- more refined shape. 2018 will definitely witness the continued proliferation of technology in the education sector. Let’s unravel details right in the course of the post!

Artificial Intelligence will Play a More Significant Role

We aren’t really in a position to say that Artificial Intelligence will take over the education sector in its entirety. There are still a few years for that to happen. However, at this point of time, Artificial Intelligence has already reached a stage of usability. So, 2018 will obviously mark the increased use of AI in classrooms. Spelling corrections, tracking progress of students and searching real time data make for just a few functionalities of Artificial Intelligence as of now. There are a few educators who feel threatened by the concept of AI taking over education in its entirety. So, it has been opined that the concept should keep on playing an “enhanced” supportive role instead of removing humans completely from the scenario. For instance, instead of automating the grading system completely it would be more sagacious to introduce classroom assistants to help students comprehend their areas of strengths and weaknesses based on their grades.

Gamification of Education?

We aren’t really talking anything completely new here! Gaming has been employed as a potent tool to bolster user engagement and retention of information. However, it’s because of a completely different reason that gaming has actually scored big in the field of education. Gaming allows students to take a break from their traditional education methods as a result of which learning itself becomes more stress-free. It has been opined that gaming should play more significant role in education in the coming years to test explain difficult concepts and test a learner’s knowledge in an easier fashion. E-learning accommodates tremendous possibilities as far as gaming is concerned. 2018 might as well herald significant transition!

Augmented Reality is In!

The technology itself has a lot to offer to the education sector. When we are talking augmented reality in education we are talking the introduction of 3D modeling software systems in this sector. And, how exactly does 3D modeling help? By assisting educators to assign projects and provide presentations in 3D on the smart devices. 3D models are ideal for students of architecture. In this regard it must be mentioned that 3D environs will go on to have a better defined role to play at the college and university levels than at the primary or secondary levels.

What are the other dominant education trends that you think will emerge in the year 2018? How will they go on to shape the future of global education? Do watch out this space to keep on informing yourself in this regard.

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