Great Uses of Technology in the Classroom

We all are surrounded by technology in the classroom either while sleeping or when travelling to attend class. Latest tech inventions are knotted in almost each and every walk of life even technology is transforming the way we learn. Most of the schools and educational institutes are also deploying the technology in the classroom effectively to make learning more effective and fun as well.

There are a lot of technology-based teaching methods that can effectively engage students and boost learning skills to help them stand out. However, many educators and instructors are facing difficulties when it comes to using technology in the classroom and they need productive starting points to move ahead towards the most effective learning environment by utilizing the latest technology.

Have a glance at some smart ways to use technology in the classroom that you can consider right now to take teaching/learning to the next level.

useful tips for classroom management strategies:

Create and Share Online Class Calendars

You can conveniently do it by using Google calendar and there is no need to invest money in any paid calendar or time management app. After creating and updating your own online class calendar, you can embed it on the official website of the school or can share it with students via social media platforms. You can grant access to different students or teachers to make changes in the calendar as needed. It can be used to plan and communicate important dates like homework deadlines, class project schedules, tests, vacations, holidays and other school-related events etc. In this way, students will be able to get all the details at their fingertips without calling a fellow student or teacher.

Play Podcasts ( Technology in Classroom )

Believe it or not, playing podcasts in the class for relevant lessons can not only support your teaching style but can also improve student engagement especially those who are auditory learners. It can act as a great learning station for students who don’t want to stare at the whiteboard or at books for hours. The podcast can be an interview with a senior teacher, author of a coursebook or explorations of a curriculum-related topic to make students’ concepts clear etc.

Gather data with Google Forms

When it comes to collaborating for a specific class project or group assignment, Google forms can help you gather data effectively and more conveniently than ever. Share such forms with all of your students or group members of an assignment to collect data as well as to make collaboration easier. In this way, they will also be able to make changes in the data or information in real-time to get things right immediately without facing any delay.

 Use Videos for Mini-Lessons

Let you strengthen your lecture delivery process by using videos. It will not only allow you to deliver the lecture effectively but will also enhance student engagement in the class. On the internet, you can find out numberless websites and education blogs that provide teacher-created content for different subjects and topics that can be used in your own lecture or class. Similarly, you can also search for the most relevant videos on YouTube to make learning fun by using technology in the classroom. By doing so, you can use technology in the classroom to add a multimedia element to your lessons to boost the learning skills of all students, especially visual learners.

Co-ordinate Live Video

Limiting yourself to pre-recorded video content is an old idea now because you can now coordinate with students via live video calls. Whether some of your students are unable to attend class due to some reason or you are offering virtual learning, live video calls can make things easier for you. You can also add an expert or senior educator in your lecture via Skype call or Google Hangouts to let students learn digitally to enhance their learning skills and knowledge.

Online Sign-ups ( Technology in Classroom )

Whether it is an extra-curricular activity or an educational conference, use online sign-ups to gather data and allow students to submit the details from the rest of their homes or classrooms without visiting the clerk’s office. Google Calendar, Docs and Sheets can be used for this purpose without spending a single penny.

Provide Online Activities for Students Who are Free from Class Work

Let students explore things according to their interests when they complete work early in the class. Allow them to visit the computer lab and explore things as per their personal interests and related to education as well. Also provide them with a list of educational websites, blogs and YouTube channels so they will be able to view and gather stuff to learn more effectively.

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