Tips to Keep Students Engaged in the Class

Generating students’ interest in class/studies can be problematic for any teacher especially for beginners. But keeping students engaged can be harder than ever when a school breaks approach or after holidays. If your students are not paying attention to what you teach, its mean they are not engrossing any of the information or knowledge delivered during the lectures.

However, there are some prolific teaching strategies that you can take on to keep your students interested and engaged to motivate them for effective learning.

1- Let them Take it as a Part of Daily Life

In order to keep your students interested in learning, try to relate any subject or lecture to their daily lives so they will be able to learn it more effectively. In this way, they will be more likely to be invested in what you teach and what actions you want them to take after delivering a lecture or lesson. Provide them examples from day to day life so they can easily understand what you deliver.

2- Make Learning Fun

Keeping students interested during a boring lecture is one of the real challenges in teachers’ life. But the problem is how to make the learning process fun even if it is a boring subject? For this purpose, you can organize competition or quiz games to help them learn in a fun way without losing interest.

3- Encourage Open and sincere Communication

Let your students feel no fear to share and express their opinions with you regarding their education and learning. Develop an open and comfortable teaching/learning environment to make them feel comfortable for expressing their weak points, learning skills, and other concerns. When they feel their opinion or sharing doesn’t matter, they don’t share anything with their teachers or fellows. So, provide them with an environment of open and sincere communication to know about how they are learning and what issues they are facing.

4- Focus on their Interests

Learning becomes fun when you teach them according to the areas of their interests and they can develop more interest in learning. If you really want them to become good learners, encourage them to explore subjects of their interests and allow them to learn by using different learning styles.

5- Encourage them to Learn via Different Learning Styles

Everyone has own learning partialities and learning styles that can help them learn better and you should encourage them to learn via different learning styles that suit their learning requirements. Some students have a central learning style wherever others can learn better using different styles of learning. For instance, a student may learn effectively after reading a book or listening to the lecture. On another hand, a student may need to watch the related video to absorb the information or knowledge delivered during a lecture. In simple words, allow them to learn by using a learning style they prefer and try to provide them with learning materials in different forms such as in the text, audio, and video.

6- Share your Passion for Learning

When students see that you are passionate about learning, they are more likely to become enthusiastic about learning. Apart from the subject, lecture or lesson, let them make feel that learning is a journey of discovering new things. In simple word, you should be a role model for them to boost passion for learning and to keep them engaged in class. You can also share some interesting incidents with them from your student life not only to show your enthusiasm for learning but to keep them interested in learning too.

7- Help them Stay Organized

Helping your students organize their things like a school bag, books and assignments can be a great step to keep them motivated for learning effectively. Encourage them to keep learning stuff and materials in a well-organized manner for easy and quick access when needed. In this way they can feel less overwhelmed when it comes to find out the notes, assignments or other education-related things during the final exams or at any other education-related event. This will keep the student more motivated to learn without facing troubles.

8- Praise instead of Criticize

A “well done” or “Thanks” at the end of the contribution of every student will boost their confidence and will also keep them engaged in a class to help them learn better. Always praise your students with positive things and then perceptively move to what you want them to improve.

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