Ways in which you’re Hurting your Productivity at Work

Missed deadlines – let us tell you – are not only about unbearable work pressure. They are not only about you literally sweating it out to achieve an impossible ask. Missed deadlines are at times also about those bad habits that are actually ruining your productivity at work. Today, in the course of the post, we will be documenting a few mistakes that are actually affecting work performance adversely. Read on to identify whether you are also committing mistakes or not!

You are not preparing your to-do list

The completion of a project might as well entail several stages. And the moment you have decided not to prepare a to-do list of your tasks at hand, you have already committed a huge mistake. You are either not preparing a to-do list at the first place or even if you are preparing the same, you are actually preparing the wrong one.

You have decided to complete the easier stuff first leaving the difficult ones for the later stages. However, researches have actually shown that your willpower is basically a “finite source” which gradually fades as work progresses.

So, it is definitely the best to get done with the harder tasks at first and then get on with the easier ones.

You are overdoing it

It means that you are basically overworking yourself. As per a survey conducted by the Harvard Business School Professor, Leslie Perlow along with Jessica Porter (research associate), more than 50 percent of the employees surveyed had actually said that they worked for more than 65 hours a week.

It has been opined that in most of the cases, working for such long hours turns out to be a futile exercise. It does not really lead to high performance all the time. All that one needs to remember is that it’s the kind of analysis that you are coming up with is something which actually helps you!

At the end of the day, if you’re spending substantial amount of time in analysing the demand of your project, you will actually end up understanding that hardly any project of yours requires around 70 hours of your time in a week. Working longer hours can actually go on to bolster productivity but that’s only upto a certain extent. It’s actually erroneous to believe that it will yield results in entirety.

You are always checking and sending e-mails while you are at work

You are doing this probably because you are actually eager to clear your mail box. Anyone who wants to do that would get rid of the unread mails at first. However, what you don’t realize is that in the process you are actually wasting way too much time in the middle of your work. Please remember that as important as it is to get rid of unread e-mails, it is equally important on your end to ensure that you are not really letting these e-mails act as a source of distraction for you! At any cost whatsoever!

Hope this primer has been of help!

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