Ways Teachers Can Establish Positive Relationships with Parents

In a busy day of managing hundreds of students, juggling tests, and lesson planning, teachers can easily forget the parents, that could lend great support in their duties. Building positive and friendly relationships with parents is not a requirement, but can make things much easier for educators. They are the best companions that can work with you outside the classroom when you have troubles in the classroom.

As a teacher if you are struggling to build strong parent-teacher relationships, here are some most effective ways you can establish positive relationships with parents.

Wear a Smile for First Great Impressions

Smile is one of the best ways to foster positive relationships with the parents of your students. Always wear a smile when you meet parents but don’t hide your true feelings with a fake smile. While greeting the parents, exchange daily particulars with them and also share positive things about their kids. When parents see you as someone cheerful and positive to see them and their kids, they are more likely to interact with you on a more personal level to develop positive parent-teacher relationships.

Use Different Communication Techniques

Parents always love to know how their child is performing in the school or classroom. That is the reason, you should communicate with parents often by using different modes of communication. Along with traditional emails and phone calls, you can also use apps like Remind to schedule and send important reminders, homework, and assignments easily. Social media is another best way to stay in touch with your students and parents in a great way. A positive interaction to let them know about the performance of their child can also help you build positive relationships with parents.

Lead with the Good News

When it comes to calling the parents of your students, start with positive praise to discuss an important concern. As everyone has both good and bad habits, find the good in your students and share it with their parents. Then move on to the concern and ask them to support you in the matter.

Learn from Parents

As they can learn from you, you should also learn from them. Listen to parents of your students carefully when they are talking about their kids. It can provide you with useful insights about your students you are not aware of. It helps you understand them deeply to tailor your teaching methods accordingly. Ask them the ways they can help you improve in the classroom. Also ask the parents about their hobbies, interests, and skills to assess how they can help their child learn effectively in the classroom and outside. It is the best way to enhance knowledge about your students and their parents as well.

Ask Questions

Show positive interest in students and their parents if you really want to establish positive parent-teacher relationships. Asking different questions is the best way to learn more about your students and their parents. Asking questions about their child seems like a small gesture but it shows them that you are careful about their child and can help him/her learn more effectively. Ask them about their interests, hobbies, learning style, and even their favorite foods.

Show Genuine Kindness for the Child

Whether in school or at home, parents always prefer the happiness and comfort of their child. That is the reason, you should show a positive and kind relationship with the child to let their parents know that you are a good and kind teacher. It is true that you cannot show your actions and behavior in the classroom, but smiling with the child and communicating in a welcoming tone is the perfect way to show their parents that you are attentively involved with the wellbeing of their child and help them learn excellently.

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