Why education should be free for Everyone

Education is one of the most important assets for a country. (education should be free for Everyone) The literary level in the country whether the country will make more progress and development in the future. The students of today are the future of tomorrow. Every parent needs to educate their children to get a better job in the future.

But unfortunately, all students are not that lucky. The students of rich people studying in elite and upper-class schools have better facilities than the public schools. The students studying in public schools cannot get exposure to that rich learning g culture.

Table of Content:

In the following article, We will discuss why education should be free for students. At the end of the discussion, we will discuss whether free education is worth it or not?

Equal opportunities for all students:

The students studying in advanced schools get success to the best teaching faculty, teaching staff, and learning environment that urges them to learn more. However, the students studying in public or government schools belong to poor family and they did not have access to better teaching facilities as there are no proper labs and research work that can make them more creative. So making education for every student in the school will open them to equal and better opportunities and these students can also ace in the respective fields with outstanding performance.

More literary Rate:

The reason why underdeveloping countries are not succeeding is due to the poor literary rate. Many students are forced to make money for their families instead of spending money on education, as a result, the education rate of the country declines. The free education for all students policy will encourage all parents to enrol their students in the school as result the, literary rate of the country will go up. More students will graduate and reach high school. The higher education rate will bring a positive outcome and revolution in the country for a better and promising future.

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Students can pay more attention to their studies:

The students who belong to middle-class families have limited budgets and high expenses. They cannot afford the expense of student education. If education would be free it can benefit these middle-class and lower-class families. The students who were paying divided attention to their studies can pay more attention to their studies with full devotion. By studying full time, they will be able to discover their hidden talents, they will spend more time in the library learning new things and they will become more creative.

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The marketplace needs better individuals who are problem solvers and take things critically and can make better decisions and can scale the business or a company.

More competitive environment:

Many students are capable to express their talent to the world. The mediocre and middle-class students have hidden talent and they are more ambitious towards their goal as compared to the students who belong to rich families. As all students will have equal opportunities, more students will be able to showcase their talent and potential to the world and it will automatically create a more competitive environment and students will become more responsible towards their studies.

Some useful content for Students:

So the question is free education worth it? Yes, it is. But many believe that we do not value the things we get free. It may devalue the power of education degree as it will be free moreover if the government made free education for all students, they will increase the taxes which will be taken from the poor and citizens of the society and it swills further lead to more unemployment.

Maintenance of educational facilities for students

There are many states and countries where education is free like France, Finland, Germany, and Spain. But these developed countries have extraordinary maintenance of educational facilities for students. There are many who believe that the consequences of free education are way more than their benefits.

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