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Believing These 7 Myths About Education Tips Keeps You from Growing

It is much easier to teach living in our past than living in their future. School is essentially a conservative social system; as parents, we feel nervous when our children learn things we don’t understand, especially when they stop learning things that are so important to us. Every profession and every industry has its own myths and misunderstandings. It’s easy to misunderstand what it is, isn’t it? The following are some famous myths that we have often heard since childhood.

More Homework Means More Learning

Researchers have found that the relationship between more homework and more learning is fuzzy at best. This is especially true for elementary and middle school students. In order to reshape the workload of students, many states accept homework on weekends, holidays, and even workdays.

Teachers Are Jointly Responsible for Memorizing

Learning is an interactive process. Teachers are not the only ones in the class who can share or adopt valuable knowledge. Students can also learn from each other and benefit from cooperation. The teacher is the host, the first, and our role model.

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Projects and Activities Are the Best Way to Learn

This myth is based on the idea that “projects and activities are the best way to learn”. The idea is that in the “real world” after training, the challenges that students face then need to accumulate knowledge and skills from different fields, not necessarily from “mathematics” or “English”. Ultimately, this will lead to the emergence of “self-employed students” who are better prepared for higher education and continuing education.

Grievances of Students

The students are still young and their opinions are not important. Students are important participants in education, and the education system aims to turn the younger generation into useful citizens. Therefore, you need to consider your opinions when implementing educational reforms. Corporal punishment, unreasonable fines. Students from ethnic minority communities complained of derogatory terms used against them. It is time for us to be sensitive to the opinions of students, encourage them to express their opinions publicly, and resolve their complaints.

Parallel Education System

A unified education system will improve the delivery of education services. In Pakistan, three parallel education systems work in parallel: the mother’s school for the extremely disadvantaged, the poor public school, and the private school for the middle and affluent classes. If the level difference is not eliminated, there will be no unified system. The United States and Europe do not have a single education system, in which both the state and the private sector are involved in providing education services.

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Children In Preschool and Kindergarten Can’t Learn Anything.

In fact, humans complete most of their learning and development between birth and five years of age. At all levels (physical, cognitive, emotional, social), this is a period when children quickly reach important milestones. Educators play a key role in this learning process. Every day, children in preschool and kindergarten learn new information, learn new skills, and build new relationships. This experience has had a huge impact on their attitudes towards school, teachers, themselves and their whole life.

A Good Physical Learning Environment Can Improve Academic Performance

A good physics learning environment can improve academic performance. There is no evidence that new buildings or certain aspects of buildings will directly improve student learning. If the learning environment provides basic order and physical comfort, additional improvements will not improve learning outcomes. The physical learning environment refers to things such as moving to a new school or trying to improve the design, air quality, noise, light, or temperature of an existing building. The environment is only relevant for learning in extreme situations, such as when there is a lot of noise or extreme heat or cold in the flight path.

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For many reasons, alternative concepts can actually hinder learning. First, students often do not realize that what they know is wrong. In addition, misunderstandings may become deeply ingrained in students’ thinking. In addition, students explain the new experience through these misunderstandings that interfere with the correct perception of new information. In addition, alternative concepts are often very resistant to learning, because learning involves replacing or completely reorganizing the learner’s knowledge. However, different teaching strategies have been proven effective in introducing conceptual changes and helping students to abandon alternative concepts and learn the correct concepts or theories.


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