Career Success: A Few Tips for Introverts

You are an introvert. You know that your extrovert colleagues are actually pallier with the bosses and hence are more in spotlight than you. How much

You are an introvert. You know that your extrovert colleagues are actually pallier with the bosses and hence are more in spotlight than you. How much is that taking away from your career? You know that you are respected for the work you do but when it comes to recognition it’s your extrovert peers who end up with the lion share. Let us tell you that being an introvert is not necessarily taking a toll on your career but do remember that it is actually keeping those praises way from you.

Today, we have brought forward a few tips with the help of which introverts can attain success in career. Do read on in order to be duly guided in this regard. Documented below are career tips meant for introverts.

Are you smiling at the right occasions?

Working your way up the career ladder just may not be all about the performance. At times it may be all about the combination of performance and networking. Make sure you are working on the second part. Start off by smiling more often. Don’t think that smiling is that easy. There are books written on the art and science of smiling. While you are not asked to smile at the drop of a hat, you can throw it at times just in order to spread those quintessential positive vibes.

Where is your career heading to?

Take baby steps towards progress in this regard. Please remember that once you start smiling at colleagues and get smiled back you will gain the confidence to do bigger things like speaking up in meetings. It often happens that introverts are brimming with great ideas but are actually too shy to express them – because they are known to keep their thoughts to themselves. So, make sure you are doing some research on the topic that will be eventually discussed in the meeting. If feeling too shy initially, you can discuss your ideas with a colleague prior to attending the meeting at the first place so that you can obtain the required confidence to speak up at the meeting.

Speak out! Be polite!

You need to understand that if you start talking more regularly at office then you need to watch your tone, the way you express yourself. Figure out whether what you are saying will go on to make a lasting impression on the listeners or not. It is more important quite simply because of the fact that you are an introvert and are not used to talking much.

Who’s Stopping you from Advocating yourself?

Do not be scared of advocating yourself. Once again as an introvert, this may seem a far cry, but do remember that unless you are not doing this you’re perhaps not heading where you want to. Do speak to your manager on a regular basis and that too seeing eye to eye. Do this even with visiting clients. This will help you build on your network. Discuss ideas and even if you are not getting a chance to meet your manager on a regular basis make sure you are staying in touch via e-mails.

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