How to Access Classroom Relay Lightspeed Systems? Benefits and Features

Classroom Relay from Lightspeed Systems is an innovative classroom management solution that helps teachers and administrators engage, inspire, and motivate students. It provides a secure, easy-to-use platform for remote learning, allowing teachers to access their classrooms online with a button. It offers several features to make teaching more efficient and effective, including real-time communication, content sharing, classroom analytics, and student tracking. Classroom Relay also provides unprecedented control over the learning environment, enabling teachers to create a customized educational experience for every student in their class. With Classroom Relay, teachers have access to the tools they need to engage and motivate their students and create a safe, productive learning environment.

What is Classroom Relay, And How Does It Works?

It is a cloud-based classroom management system from Lightspeed Systems that provides teachers with the tools to engage, inspire, and motivate their students. Classroom Relay enables teachers to access their classrooms remotely via a secure, easy-to-use platform. It allows teachers to monitor student activity in real-time and share content with their students from one convenient portal. It also offers robust analytics, which allows teachers to track student progress and performance in various ways.

How to Access the Classroom Relay?

Accessing Classroom Relay is easy and secure. You can log in through Lightspeed Systems from any browser or device on your school’s network. After logging in, you’ll be able to access its secure dashboard to view student activities, control devices, set policies, and more. It provides step-by-step instructions for setting up Classroom Relay on any PC or Mac. With this, you can keep your students safe and productive by providing them with the tools they need to succeed in the classroom. Whether it’s creating content, blocking distracting websites, or monitoring student progress, it provides teachers and administrators with the tools they need to ensure a successful learning environment.

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Benefits of Classroom Relay

Improved Classroom Engagement

It enables teachers to reach their students more effectively, improving student engagement and motivation. Furthurmore, It allows teachers to send messages directly to students’ devices, enabling individualized instruction in real-time and giving instructors the ability to reach each student quickly with personal feedback or reminders. It also helps foster teamwork by creating groups of students who can collaborate more effectively than they could before Classroom Relay.

Easily Access Classroom Information

It makes it easy to access and share important classroom information, such as homework assignments, grades, and other material. Teachers can easily create digital content in Classroom for their students to access, making it easy for them to stay on top of assignments and information.

Enhanced Student Success

It enhances student success by allowing teachers to control their classroom environment with ease. Enables educators to instantly adjust lighting, sound levels, and other environmental factors in the classroom from any device or computer. It allows teachers to monitor student progress in real-time for greater accuracy and efficiency. This easy-to-use tool provides teachers with the ability to quickly and effectively adjust learning environments to ensure all students are supported in their learning.

Streamlined Classroom Management

Classroom Relay simplifies classroom management tasks such as setting up groups, assigning tasks, monitoring progress, and giving feedback. It also allows teachers to respond quickly to questions and provide personalized, tailored instruction.

Accessible Classroom Content

It provides teachers easy access to all their digital content, including documents, presentations, and videos. This ensures teachers can easily share and interact with classroom materials in a secure environment.

Intuitive Classroom Controls

Classroom Relay’s intuitive controls allow teachers to adjust settings quickly and easily for their entire class, such as volume, lighting, and temperature. With this, teachers have the power to make sure their students are in a comfortable learning environment that is conducive to success. It gives teachers the ability to focus on teaching rather than spending time adjusting classroom settings manually.

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Classroom Analytics

It uses powerful analytics to help teachers monitor classroom performance and progress in real time. It also allows teachers to view reports on student activity, engagement levels, and learning outcomes for each class.

Classroom Broadcasting

Classroom Relay provides teachers with the ability to broadcast their classes across multiple platforms, including audio, video, and text. This helps ensure that students can access class materials from any location or device.

Secure Classroom Management

It integrates into existing systems and networks, allowing admins to access and control their classrooms remotely and securely. Classroom Relay also features powerful tools that allow teachers to manage their classes in real time, including controlling student devices, tracking student activity, setting up virtual classrooms, and more. It provides a secure classroom environment that ensures student safety while providing the tools to help teachers create a productive learning environment.

Classroom Collaboration

It is a powerful collaboration tool that allows teachers to connect with students and other educators in real time. Besides, It makes it easy for teachers to share resources, give feedback, and provide guidance while engaging their students. It also provides features such as the ability to remove distractions from class time, set up certain classes, manage student assignments and grades, and create a virtual classroom environment.

Easy Integration with Existing Classroom Software

It is designed to be easily integrated with existing classroom software and systems such as learning management systems, content delivery networks, and student information systems. This ensures that it works seamlessly with existing classroom tools.

Features of Classroom Relay in Points

1. It allows teachers to gain control of student devices easily and quickly for efficient classroom management.

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2. It enables the teacher to limit access to distracting websites, applications, and games during class.

3. It provides real-time insights into Internet activity in the classroom through its comprehensive reporting feature.

4. It allows the teacher to limit access quickly and easily to inappropriate websites, applications, and games across all devices in the classroom.

5. It enables teachers to send messages directly to individual students or groups of students in the classroom.

6. It allows teachers to monitor student activity across devices and block access to inappropriate content.

7. It enables teachers to manage student device settings remotely, including Wi-Fi configuration, volume control, and power management.

8. It allows students to easily view their progress on assignments through the app’s built-in grading feature.

9. Classroom Relay features an intuitive interface that makes it easy for teachers to set up and manage the classroom quickly.

10. It integrates with other leading technology products, allowing teachers to use it with their existing tools. This integration ensures Classroom Relay is a comprehensive solution for classroom management.


Classroom Relay Lightspeed Systems is an invaluable tool for teachers and school administrators looking to improve their classroom performance. It provides features such as content filtering, usage tracking, and device management that can help keep students safe and engaged in the learning process. It also offers cost-effective solutions for schools on a budget, making it an efficient and budget-friendly choice for any school. With this, schools can be sure their students are accessing the resources they need to excel in the classroom. Furthermore, its simple interface makes it easy for teachers to access and control devices without worrying about complicated setup and management procedures. Classroom Relay is essential for any school that wants to ensure their students have the best learning experience possible.

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