Common Myths about IB Math

Are you thinking of pursuing the IB Diploma program? It is also known as IBDP or the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. It is open for students aged 16 to 19 and can be pursued at schools authorized to provide such a program.

An IB DP program includes six subjects and the DP core. The DP core consists of the theory of Knowledge (TOK), extended essay and creativity, activity, service (CAS). One of the six subjects in IB DP is IB Math. IB Math is further divided into Math AA and Math AI, each having two further options Higher Level and Standard Level. In total, a student has four options to choose from in IB Maths. This is the new change in the IB Math syllabus applicable from 2021.

Here are some common myths about IB Math that students encounter when choosing to add more to their dilemma.

1. IBDP Math Is For Smart Students

It is a common myth that IBDP or IB Math is only for the smart. There is no such rule as IB Math is for anyone who loves math. Even if it is for smart students, students should take it up as a challenge and make this myth proven wrong. Anyone who puts in the right effort to understand the concepts and is willing to commit to it 100% can choose IB Math and pursue it successfully.

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2. IB Math Higher Level Will Make You More Eligible

It is another common myth among IB DP students. There is no such rule that choosing IB Math higher Level over Standard Level will help you impress the universities better.

Higher Level counterparts of each subject are for students looking forward to further pursuing research practices in the subject. It has nothing to do with increasing the chances of getting admitted. It is also recommended that students should not have more than 4 HLs subjects.

This is to refrain students from overburdening themselves in the hopes of betting better selection when there are no such criteria. IB Math IB Higher Level is surely difficult compared to its standard level. But it should be chosen after due consideration of each course.

3. Taking IB Math Higher Level Means No Social Life

There is a fixed amount of course study in each course. An IB Math higher level would require 240 hours of completing the course. Whereas, IB Math Standard Level includes 180 hours of course.

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An IB DP is tough like every other examination, but the balance can be maintained with time management. Excluding yourself from your social life won’t do any good if you force yourself to study throughout the day. Going out, taking a break and visiting your friends, on the other hand, is a means to freshen up to concentrate better.

In fact, the CAS part of the program, i.e., creativity, activity, and service, focuses on the student’s social life only. This section allows students to follow their hobbies and indulge them in exciting projects, sports activities, and other creative projects they feel interested in. This way, their hobby can also be counted in the progress of pursuing DP.

4. IB Diploma Program Is For Those Who Want To Study Abroad

This is again one big misconception when it comes to pursuing IB DP. IB DP is available in many countries. Sure, the number is not too high, but if you specifically want to study IBDP, many schools provide the provision to do so.

Though it is more prevalent in some countries than others, IBDP has been gaining more traction recently and pursued. You don’t really have to join a school abroad to get access to an IB DP program, for that matter.

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Check out these useful contents:

5. IB Maths Is For Elite People

There is no such thing. It is for all the students who wish to apply for IB DP. Apart from certain age restrictions, there are no such boundaries as to who actually can pursue. All students aged 16 to 19 can apply for IBDP and take IB Maths higher or standard level. Also, the education stream/background of the student also doesn’t matter.

Students from all streams and majors can apply for IB DB and choose to take any subject they feel confident in.


These were a few myths related to IB Math and the IB Diploma Program. If you still fear pursuing IB DP, don’t forget there are many more resources available now to study than ever before. Online resources like Revision Village help students clear their doubts.

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