Disadvantages Of The Current Education System (Online Education)

For sure, the advantages of the current education system (e-learning or online education) are numerous, from lower educational costs to flexibility, but most students are still moving forward with the traditional classes in order to chase their academic goals. These students are not ignorant but surely there can be several disadvantages of the current education system than traditional education.

It is accepted that technological advances make lives better and easier especially in the field of education, science and medicine but technology in the classroom also has downsides that tend students to traditional learning than online learning. We have compiled a few disadvantages of technology in the classroom to help you understand that why the current education system is not acceptable by the most of the students.

1- Waste of Valuable Time

Effective time management is the key to success when it comes to chase academic goals and objectives but when there is technology involved in the current education system, it can be waste of valuable time in terms of server error, internet connectivity problems and failure of tech gadgets like tablets and laptops etc. In results, it can hinder the learning process for students and oftentimes can end up with poor grades in the class etc. Unnecessary technical issues and problems can cause waste of valuable time that can have a direct impact on overall learning efficiency of students.

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2- Learners are Disconnected from the Real World

In the world of online education, instructors are busy in educating their students online by using different tech gadgets and inventions in comparison to traditional education and students are also busy with their devices to learn the course lectures and lessons. At the end, both parties are disconnected from the real world while learning. Teachers and students both are unable to interact with each other in person which is the major cause of the social gap. They are also unable to grab the attention of students that make students unable to learn with proper courtesy.

3- Misguided by the Wrong Information

Availability of wrong information and knowledge on the web is one of the major disadvantages of the current education system as mostly students search on the internet to find the required information or knowledge when they are attending online classes. Most of the bloggers and website owners usually use black hat techniques to rank their sites higher in search engines that can cause availability of wrong and useless information on the internet that can be consumed by students. At the end, failure can be the result of online education where there is no teacher available to guide the students personally regarding what is right and what should be avoided.

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4- Cyberbullying

Since, Cyberbullying is an act of sending, posting, or sharing negative, harmful content using digital devices and internet about someone else, it is one of the biggest issues in the field of education in these days due to the fame of online education. When students are learning online using the internet, they have easy access to the internet and digital devices that can be used to bully other students. At the end, students can lost in the darkness of cyberbullying with the bright future. However, there are several ways teachers can prevent bullying in the classroom.

5- Poor Study Habits

Technology has made it easier to access required details and information within moments, which is the major cause of poor study habits in students. When students know that they can find everything in Google, their attitude towards study is lazy and poor as well. Most of the students also skip their online classes by having one thing in the mind that they can get everything from internet that can cause poor grades in final exams. In this current education system, there is no more need of teachers and instructors which makes students less likely to focus on studies.

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6- Diminishing In-Person Education

Personal interaction can play a vital role in the overall learning efficiency of students but nowadays there is no interaction between students and teachers because they are connected with each other via digital devices. In-person education is fading day by day which is one of the big disadvantages of the current education system. Students are skipping their important classes, not focusing on homework and at the end are leading towards a worst academic career. That’s why use of the technology in the classroom is prohibited in traditional educational settings.

7- Online Courses are Tricky to Understand

When attending online classes, there can be a lot of things left unexplained at the end of day. Most of the online courses and lectures are hard to understand and can leave students with muddled concepts. Slow or no internet can also cause the skipping of an important lecture. In simple words, there are several difficulties on the way when it comes to learn online.

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