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This summer my wife and I had the once in a lifetime opportunity to see a solar eclipse.  Like millions of others throughout the nation we planned, prepared and even travelled more than 5 hours to get to a point in the Low Country of South Carolina, an area that was to be in that thin band of “totality” where for a few minutes the sun would be completely covered by the moon.  Cities like Charleston anticipated being inundated with visitors for the event; we opted to go to an island just south of there where we would be away from the urban crowd but close to the most desirable location for the event.  So, my wife made reservations at a seacoast vacation resort using her Verizon Wireless smartphone – I put up the cash to pay the reservation fee – and the next weekend we were off on the road to see the eclipse.

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The drive was pleasant and educational as we passed through regions of great historical interest.  And we got to enjoy some classic regional food.  Being seafood fanatics, we both enjoyed our dinner at the seacoast restaurant nearby.  But our most interesting experience was the time we spent working from our seemingly isolated location during the time before the actual scientific event.  We were able to prepare and produce products for our clients while seated comfortably in our cabin overlooking the harbor, thanks to the availability of high-quality communications networks provided by Verizon, the recognized leader in quality cell phone communications service.  They offer wireless service at rates of $45 per month per line, with unlimited data.  Groupon users can take advantage of discounts of over $600 when they elect to switch from their current carrier.  In addition, Verizon offers deals of $100 off the purchase of selected smartphones when a Groupon promo code is used.  The high quality of Verizon cell service coupled with their equipment and hardware made it possible for us to perform our research and produce our work while being in a locale where we could observe the greatest astronomical event to take place in this decade.  We were able to produce our descriptions of the event for the benefit of future generations directly from where saw it take place.

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