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How accurate are Personality tests?

 We are talking about Personality tests here, Gone are the days when the HR managers used to go through your CV and ask you some work-related questions in order to hire you. It is not that simple anymore. Now, the HR managers have the power of data and analytics based on which they make their final decisions on whom they want to hire.

So, we can easily say that technology has grown to great heights. Here we are going to talk and discuss about one such technology tool which the HR managers highly use, and that is a Personality test.

What is a Personality tests? 

It is a tool used to analyze the qualities and traits of the candidate, and then it is compared with the requirements of the job or the post to find out whether you are hiring the right candidate.

Let me tell you that Personality tests are not only accurate, but when you take a high-quality personality test, it can result in a huge professional development and also helps you in preparing for your next job interview. Yes, you heard that right! “My Good Interview” offers a Free big five Personality traits test. It will help you in finding out their personality strengths and weaknesses.

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These five personality tests are:

  • Conscientiousness
  • Openness to experience
  • Extraversion
  • Neuroticism
  • Agreeableness

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These tests are an optimal choice because they have proved it’s excellent validity and are reliable to a great extent.

How personality Tests benefit the company?

Adult’s personalities are set, and they do not change over time, and they usually end up reflecting through a period of time, no matter how much the employee tries to suppress it. The company is looking for an employee who is the right fit for the company. The personality tests are helpful to the HR managers in:

  • Supporting hiring decisions
  • Development of employees
  • Promote the top performers
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It is not only the Personality trait that should be however taken into consideration when hiring a candidate, but also some of the extra information that is should be added to the personality test that is discovered during the interview process like a resume, skills sets, educations, and references among others. In fact, many companies use Personality tests to see reduce turnover and increase employee satisfaction.

Is he/she the right candidate for us?

Personality tests like a boon to the HR managers as it helps in making their work easier by providing an accuracy rate of 93%. Yes, you heard that right; a Personality test is an easy way for the HR manager to find out that whether a candidate fits the role provided. It takes just 10 minutes to ensure whether the person is well-matched according to the requirements of the company.

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Many of the candidates are great during their interview sessions but may not be able to fulfill their job duties perfectly. No, on the other end, many of the candidates may not be able to perform brightly during the interview but may be good at their job. This personality test will not confuse you and allow you to find the right candidate for the right job.


Lastly, personality tests are fully accurate and helpful to both the employees and employers to find out which job is best suited to them. By understanding the unique range of strengths and talent of the candidate, the HR managers can easily leverage that information to effectively guide the employees, leading to the success of the company. Good Luck!

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