How to Build Personal Brand Online for Career Growth

Building a successful online personal brand is imperative these days for ultimate career success. Branding is not something specific for the businesses but establishing a personal brand online is also the best way to advance a career path. A personal brand is the status of an individual which is the foundation of a great career path.

Building a personal brand online helps a professional to reach the target audience more effectively by using different digital marketing tactics, but it cannot be done overnight. People these days go for quick leads and sales instead of being patient. They try hard to convert users immediately without building trust and providing something of value.

As a brand is all about how people perceive you or your company and feel when they want to contact you for getting their queries resolved, here are some proven tips on how to build a personal brand online for ultimate career success and growth.

1- Determine Your Brand & Define your Audience

Determining your brand should be one of the key steps to building and boosting a personal brand online. It means, how do you want yourself or your company to be perceived when your name comes to the mind of prospects. Whether you are an expert in the industry or are the best at what you can do, define it clearly and put it into words for each and every person who will interact with you. Defining the target audience is another thing to take good care of. It is all about thinking about the people who you are selling to such as their age, interests, needs, and requirements, etc. The clearly defined audience helps you make sure all your marketing efforts are executed accordingly to get better outcomes.

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2- Create a Website

Building a personal website is the best way to build a strong personal brand online as it leverages other digital marketing techniques like social media marketing. It allows prospects to find you on the web. Once a website is built and promoted properly, you can put the URL of the website on business cards, in social media profiles, and on other digital marketing, platforms to let people know more about you or your company. If you tend to run a PPC campaign for your website to get more eyeballs, you should use the best approaches to prevent click fraud and boost your ROI.

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When it comes to building and boosting a personal brand online, a tagline is considered a personal slogan and it should be concise, appealing, and to the point as well. You should utilize 6 or fewer words creatively to let people know exactly who you are. The logo is another vital element in making your brand rememberable and should be relevant to the expertise or services you offer. If you don’t have sufficient graphic designing skills to design one for yourself, you can get it designed by experts on different freelancing platforms like Upwork.

4- Write Killer Bio & Take a Great Headshot

A killer, short and concise bio will let people know who you are, what expertise you own, and how you could be the right fit for their needs. Along with a great bio, the addition of a great and good-looking headshot would be another best thing to build and boost your personal brand online. You can use both things on all your digital assets like website, social media profiles, and online communities to help people know about you.

5- Start a Blog

Creating a blog with your personal website can help you provide the target audience with high-quality, informative, and problem-solving content. On your blog, you can write about the latest industry news, things you love the most and can show the areas of your expertise. Writing a blog also helps a lot in appearing top SERPs with your target keywords. A blog also builds credibility and trust in the industry.

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6- Build a Strong Social Media Presence

Everyone is on social media these days and it could be a great place to find and interact with your target audience. Select the social media platforms that align with your field. For instance, LinkedIn is the best and largest social media platform for professionals. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are also important to build a better and strong social media presence.

7- Create Quality and Engaging Content to Share

Content marketing is one of the best ways to grab the attention of the target audience and to keep them engaged with your brand. Whether it is your blog, social media profiles, or newsletter, provide your users with high-quality and engaging content with consistency. Sharing your content on different blogs related to the industry is another best way to reach your target audience.

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