How to Pursue a Career as Web Developer?

According to industry experts, web development is one of the hottest tech skills and best-paying occupations. Employment opportunities for web developers are also projected to grow 15% by 2026. So, this is the perfect time to learn and advanced your programming skills to pursue a career in the web development industry.

If you want to become a web programmer and want to earn a handsome amount of bucks every month, here is how you can build a career and become a successful web developer.

Learn Web Development Fundamentals

Learning the web development fundamentals like HTML, CSS and JavaScript is the first and foremost step to become a professional web developer. There are different organizations and institutions that offer web development teaching and training courses online. Coding bootcamps are also popular among ambitious developers because they are short, and focused on outcomes. Joining a coding bootcamp could be a great way to sharpen job-ready skills to streamline the career building process.

Choose a Development Specialization and Earn Certification

Whether you want to become a freelance web developer Sydney or want to join a reputable web development agency, you should choose an area of specialty to enhance your coding skills accordingly. Web development is categorized into 3 major types:

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Front-End Developer: Front end developers are professionally trained to work on the client side of web-related projects. It is the portion of a website or web app that users interact and communicate with. It could be overall website layout, design and navigation, etc.

Back-End Developer: Back-end developers are skilled to work on the server side of web development projects. They usually focus on the overall functionality of the website including database, network, hosting and servers, etc.

Full-Stack Developer: Developers who are capable of dealing with both sides of web projects.

Choose the areas of expertise you love the most and earn certification to become a professional and certificated web developer.

Work on Different Projects to Develop Your Skills

Right after learning the web development basics and choosing an area of specialization, you should work on different development projects to develop your skills. You can also join an organization or agency as an intern to utilize your skills and sharpen as well. The best and most effective way to improve is to start messing with different projects around. The more you use skills and expertise, the better you will be. You should also keep learning advanced web programming languages to stay updated with industry trends and client needs.

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Build an Online Portfolio

A fascinating online Web Developer portfolio that highlights your expertise and experience is your best tool to pursue a career in the web development industry. Since you are a web developer yourself, creating an online portfolio wouldn’t be a big deal for you. Just choose the right platform like WordPress or Wix and get started. Include an assorted selection of your recent work that shows your versatility. Refining your online portfolio as per the individual job requirements of a company or firm is also a great idea to stand out from other applicants.

Optimize your Social Profiles

When it comes to finding a job or building your personal brand as a web developer, your overall presence online can win or lose the situation. Most companies and recruiting professionals usually search online for ideal candidates. And having properly optimized social media profiles and an online portfolio can make a great first impression. This is where optimizing your social profiles can come in handy to help you secure your dream job.

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You can start by optimizing your profiles on professional sites like LinkedIn. Ensure all your personal information, skills, experience and qualification is current. Use of relevant keywords in your bio and information is also a good idea to appear in more searches when someone search for professional web developers.

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