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In the past there have been many different sorts of project management themes and tools.  Much of the good project management information came out of the project management profession and is still being formulated.  This tool and methodology can be broken up into two major parts, workflow and program management. As outlined on a prince 2 training course events.

The idea of a workflow is the overall thorough planning and scheduling of how the work to be completed in any given undertaking will be carried out.  Once the plan has been mapped to achievable milestones, a staffs roadmap and implementation will be developed.  A key element in project control is the tracking of milestones, while at the same time planning work to those expected milestones.

Consists of monitoring the progress of the plan

Program management consists of monitoring the progress of the plan by watching parts of the action plan, or from a different perspective.  Part of the challenge to project management is often the staffing of the plan and the monitoring of the project.

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Project management techniques can be broken into five core principles

1. People to staff ratio is small enough to provide the scope for the requirements

2. Unique, compact, time-inescing product

3. billions in variety to satisfy customers.

4. Keeps the product current

5. Keeps the program and project management organized.

Greater value at a smaller management cost

One of the main distinguishing features of project management is the ability to provide products of greater value at a smaller management cost.  Example: Cleaning products.  One of the keys to a successful product is the need to keep it simple, and to keep it for each customer requirement.  A plan is achieved by consumers of that component of the overall strategy.  The single specific area of the organization that must stay up-to-date is financial accounting.  That’s why the value of the work products is greater than a competitor and why it is happening so quickly.

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Greater profits and save a company money

Project managers have a chance to meet the needs and concerns of the project management customers and produce more desirable projects, greater profits, and save the company money. Here are a few points for you, the project manager, or business owner, on how to do a better job of project managing.

1.  Relate the project to work products.  Example: The Customer needs X and Y.  That means the project needs to deliver Y.

2.  Show Design rolled up

3.  Show Bottom-up input

4.  Realize delegation/eldercareful responsibilities

5. Channel product authority

Responsibilities and units within your organization

There are many duties that have to be taken out in your business, in order to get the project started, that you will inherently agree to. You have to figure out which responsibilities and units within your organization are willing to let you carry them out.  A project manager has a lot of options available to him/her to help their organization.  More variables and combinations are involved in managing a very large mission, than managing just a single product. So stay focused on what you have to do and delegate the responsibilities in order to lift your organization’s footprint from idea to accomplishment.  Do your homework, look at how it might be done and make sure it’s time to begin it.

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Desirable strategy than producing

Selecting responsibilities to a limited or key group in your organization that has a vested interest in, let’s say, shipping costs, can become a much more desirable strategy than producing an undue weary of having to go down horrid rounds of low-level approvals in approval structures.  It may take patience in expanding the number of key personnel familiar and comfortable with the responsibility before they can be as desirable as you might hope for.


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