Revamping your career with social media

Do you dream of restarting your career? Look no further! Digital media has all the keys that can help you unlock a whole new world of opportunities! A

Do you dream of restarting your career? Look no further! Digital media has all the keys that can help you unlock a whole new world of opportunities! Although it may seem intimidating to cross the threshold of the eventful world of Youtube, Facebook and Twitter but a little bit of inventive thinking and apposite planning can land you a spot. Not just social networking platforms– these interactive sites can be helpful in more ways than we can envisage when making a career shift.

This post walks you through the basics that you need to know before embarking on the journey of making your dream come true. Learn more!

Twitter- Hashtags, chats and more

If you were thinking Linkedin was the only way out think again, Twitter discussions can get you to connect with numerous professionals of the same arena. You can start a chat/discussion by uploading your content and in no time the right connections can earn you the best prospects. It hardly matters if you do not have plentiful followers just a handful of influencers can get you to reach your goals. Just type in the search keywords in Google to locate the relevant chat and you’re on!

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Be an Youtuber! Let your hobby be your new job.

Do you have a hobby that you wish to take up for a full-time job? If yes, then the time is right to start your own Youtube channel. All you need is a camera to film it. These days mostly all mobile phones have cameras that can be used for this if you do not have a handheld camera. The idea here is not to gain fame and grow up to be a digital celebrity but rather to get promoted by the likes given by pool of audience and eventually make way to a full-time engagement. Just ensure that the quality of the videos is upright and in no time likes will be pouring in. There are more than few vloggers who have started with a channel and have achieved immense popularity and success.

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Get on with the career move with Facebook

Facebook is largely used as a platform to interact with near and dear ones but it can also be used to acquire business leads. Interest groups and business pages can help you get clients to steer your business. Join the designated groups and upload posts— it’s a great way to break the ice and showcase your aptitude. Be sure to read all guidelines and abide by it when posting or commenting on any existing threads. Facebook live is a new way to upload DIY videos to promote yourself by imparting a skill, for eg., cooking videos on Facebook have now become quite popular.

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Go digital, go live! Be it Facebook or Twitter or Youtube the key to become one in the crowd is by catering to quality and respecting your audience. It’s always a win-win. You impart your best and in return your career is boosted. The circle of trust created is the only thing that can take you forward. No longer will you have to keep on struggling at work, it’s a breeze when career change happens with the help of digital media.

Love what you do, do what you love!

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