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Teaching students with learning disabilities?

The students with learning disabilities need special care and attention. They are like other normal students who are quick in answering questions, participating in-class activities, and social interaction with other students. According to a  definition of students with learning disabilities, these students are not able to process, recall and store information. These students suffer from various learning disabilities like dyslexia(reading disability), dysgraphia(writing disability), weak in mathematics, etc. These students have a low tolerance level and they always seem to be confused.

According to a report, American with learning disability, it presents that one out of every five men in America is suffering from a learning disability. There are many ways the teachers and parents can help these special students. To accommodate them well in the class, the teachers should give special attention to these students and by making study a real fun for them. The teachers should know the art of teaching to teach these special students.

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Here are some study guides and tricks for teaching these students with learning disabilities.

Checking the progress and updating them:

The students suffering from learning disabilities should be regularly checked. The teacher should record the progress rate of these children and should do a weekly, monthly, and quarterly assessment to tell them where they stand. The good performance in the reports will encourage the students to perform b better in the future and this technique will be really helpful for these students. Even if the students are not getting good grades or their performance is unsatisfactory, it is obligatory for teachers to not dishearten these students and should deliver the information and their grades in a sophisticated manner and should motivate them to become better.

Use visual methods for better understanding:

These students can not read and write well the teachers should relate everything to real-life to boost their learning and this will help in having a better understanding of each topic. Many visual learning apps aids in better understanding of the related topic. With this technique, the students will not get bored and will focus on learning.

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Believing in their  special abilities:

The students with learning disabilities are very special and extraordinary. If you notice any admirable skills in these students other than studying like artwork, singing, dancing or other talents, you should encourage them. Good encouragement will help to showcase their talent to the world. Sometimes the students need someone who can believe in their abilities to conquer the world. The teachers can make a big difference in this regard. If the teachers only tell their students once that they can do it, they really can.

Repeat and revise the lecture:

The students with learning disabilities did not understand the lecture and assignment at one time. You might have to repeat the instruction several times because their brain did not get the information quickly. The teachers should be prepared and should not get offensive. The teachers should repeat the lecture and assigned work and repeat until they understand. The teachers should realize that all the students did not have the same mental ability to pick the information conveyed to them and the teachers should show empathy to these children.

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The students with learning disabilities are no different from other students. They  deserved to be treated well. There are special schools for these children with learning disabilities and the faculty and administration of the school should help these students overcome their challenges in this society. The society needs to understand these students and should not bully them because of their learning disability or bad grades. It can affect their health and they will go into depression because of this unaccepting behavior.


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