Technology in the Classroom: Pros & Cons

Technology has totally changed the way we perform in day to day lives and education is definitely no exception. Technology in the classroom can be a powerful tool to educate, liberate and illuminate students in a best possible way according to the latest education trends but if not used well, it can distract them and can also veer them away from their learning objectives. On the one hand, latest tech inventions allow educators to teach students more effectively, manage the classroom and keep the student engaged during the lectures. On another hand, technology in the classroom can be off-putting for both students and educators.

To help you guys understand how technology might affect your teaching or learning style, we have listed some pros and cons of using technology in the classroom here in this article.

Pros Of Digital Devices In The Classroom

Wider and Easier Access to Learning Material

Due to the mobile technology and 4G LTE, both teacher and students can have wider and easier access to information they need and learning materials too that can be used to learn more effectively. They can learn their lessons by watching videos, by listening podcasts and by downloading PDF books in their mobile devices. Teachers can also find out more effective ways to teach them in best possible ways. Students can also learn by their selves via online tutorials and how to guides. Smartphone and tablets connected to the internet can be valuable learning tools for both students and teachers if used correctly.

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Advances Teaching Tools

Latest technology provides educators with great digital devices and tools that can be used for a better teaching environment and teachers can also advance their expertise to overcome digital literacy issues. They can use Google forms to collect student information and details when organizing an annual event and can also keep students connected via video chats when needed. Teachers can also send class notes and other learning materials to multiple students via email in one click.

Instant Answers

Students nowadays can get an instant answer to their questions and queries by using the high-speed data connection on their smartphones to enjoy continuous learning. In this way, they can get all their questions answered they may feel uncomfortable asking in front of other students.

Social Learning

Social media can be a great choice for students to share educational information, thoughts and ideas regarding their educational projects and assignments easily with each other. They can also join social media groups related to education and learning in order to be surrounded by brilliant brains. Social learning is one of the great benefits of technology in the classroom if used correctly.

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Peace of Mind

Parents can have peace of mind when they send their kids to school with cell phones. As almost all mobile devices are functional with GPS, parents can easily trace the location of their kids to make sure they have reached school safely.

Cons of digital devices in the classroom

Inappropriate Materials

No doubt the internet is considered as the best way to get learning materials and information required, one may also find inappropriate materials and information to create confusion. In some situations, it can be hard for students to determine that which source is authentic and what should be avoided when searching over the web.


Technology is the blessing for teachers and students if used correctly but it can be a huge distraction as well when students may focus solely on their social media profiles instead of getting useful learning materials. Continues notifications ringing on different mobile devices can also create an interrupting learning-teaching environment.

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Harmful Effects of Digital Devices

Undoubtedly, different tech tools and devices can be great learning tools. But they can also have some serious health-related impacts on students and teachers too. Starring the mobile screen for a long time can cause some serious eye discomfort.  On another hand, wireless devices and tools also generate rays that are harmful to human health and can lead to some serious health concerns.


Cyberbullying is one of the major cons of technology in the classroom. It is a serious issue and increasing exponentially in this age of digital technology and the use of mobile devices and the internet in the classroom could promote it among students.

Child Predators

Child predators are everywhere and can easily reach their targets when students use tech devices and tools like smartphones in the classroom. They can make use of different technological ways to grab the attention of children. Which means the technology can cause more exposure and potential danger for students.

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