The Pros and Cons of Distance Education

While distance education continues to grow, you must realize that this type of learning might not be the best option for everyone. There are several identifiable factors common to all types of online education that one should consider before enrolling for an online course. These factors don’t applicable to all distance learning situations, but they do apply to most and can have a significant impact on overall learning outcomes. However, understanding the pros and cons of distance education can help you decide if it is right for you.

If you are about to learn something online, here is everything you need to know about it.

Pros of Distance Education

Opportunity to Learn At Any Time

When it comes to learn online, a student can device when and how much time he/she can devote to learning. Students can make their own study schedules to learn effectively according to their own needs and requirements. Flexibility is one of the main advantages of distance education as it allows you to learn anytime you want.

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Opportunity to Study at Your Own Pace

Distance learning allows students to learn at their own pace. Students can playback their online lectures, watch video tutorials, again and again, find learning materials from the web, and can get information in a variety of formats including text, images, videos, and eBooks, etc.

You Can Study Any Place

Online education helps students learn interesting subjects anytime without facing the barriers of time. They can access learning materials and lectures from anywhere with help of internet-connected devices like tablets, laptops, and smartphones. There is no more need to travel for hours to attend a lecture; even students can attend classes in their bedrooms.

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Best for Employees

People who are doing jobs can easily earn professional degrees online without quitting their jobs. They can sign up for any course online and create their own learning schedules to keep education continue while doing 9-5 jobs.

Availability of Training Materials

Online learners can research and find learning materials conveniently on the internet. They can search for interesting subjects and lessons to find a variety of learning materials in different formats. Moreover, they can also store learning materials and data into their mobile devices so they can learn and read anytime anywhere

Cons of Distance Education

Strong Motivation Is Required

There is no one to motivate you to attend a class or lecture when learning online. That’s why, you need strong motivation and encouragement to attend online classes and earn your degree in a timely manner. One should be accountable for learning activities and must develop strong willpower to learn with greater attention.

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Not Suitable For the ‘Development of Communication Skills’

There is no to fewer human interaction and in-person contact with fellow students and educators. That’s why distance learning is not recommended for students who want to improve their communication skills or about to earn a degree in communication.

Lack of Practical Knowledge

Everything in distance education is remote. There are not practical skills and knowledge when it comes to learning something online. That’s why the lack of practical knowledge is always on the list of cons of distance education. However, one can improve his/her practical skills and knowledge of his/her own.

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