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Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

Essay writing is one of the common homework assignments that students need to complete. To some, it is a very simple task. But, for many it is overwhelming. To make things easier for students struggling with essay writing, below I have listed proven tips that can help them write excellent essays without getting help from others.

Read the essay prompt carefully

This is the very first and foremost aspect of effective essay writing. You should read the essay prompt attentively to understand the question. Once known, you will be able to identify the type of essay you need to write. It also helps you choose the right topic for essay you are about to write.

Pick a right essay topic

After going through the essay prompt, choose a most relevant topic that you can explain in a best possibly way. Follow a free flow of thoughts coming into your mind and jot down ideas to choose a perfect topic to write about. Don’t hesitate to ask your teacher for assistance if you are unable to choose a topic.

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Create an outline

Creating an essay outline makes the entire essay writing process easier and effective. Write the essay topic in the middle of the paper and draw branches from the topic to explain your ideas and thoughts. At the end of each idea, draw more lines to dig deeper into it. Once you have enough knowledge and information to explain your ideas or answer the question, create an outline, and start elaborating one by one.

Write a compelling introductory paragraph

An introductory paragraph tells your audience that what your essay is about and what you will be explaining in its body. Try to hook your audience in the introductory paragraph to encourage them to read the entire essay. You can use an interesting quote, a short story, or a summary of the topic in this part of writing to capture the attention of readers effectively.

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Start writing the body paragraphs

This is the most important part of your essay as you are supposed to explain the chosen topic in it. Use the recently drawn outline to explain your key points in the body paragraphs. The use of subheadings and bullet points is a great idea to make the essay’s body easy to read and consume. Don’t forget to support your ideas with the most relevant sources and information. Use a required format to cite the direct quotes or references used.


This is another important part of your essay as it provides you a chance, to sum up your ideas and thoughts in simple words and close the essay creatively. However, you should make it short to a maximum of five sentences. Try to summarize the prior points and ideas in it and don’t introduce any new ideas in the conclusion section.

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After completing your essay, make sure to proofread and edit your first draft to make it error-free. You can use a variety of writing applications and software like Grammarly to find and eliminate both spelling and grammar mistakes in the essay. Asking a class fellow or someone else for proofreading is also a good idea to make sure your essay is spotless and easy to read.

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