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General Education And Prepare Students for a Brighter Future

General Education Classes Must Be Taken By College Students

It’s essential for universities to produce well rounded alumni. College students must be exposed to general education regardless of their desired major in the future. Even though a science learner is brilliant, people will not be interested in listening to them once their ideas are not eloquent. By the same token, humanities learners will also be needing math understanding to cope up with their daily life.

General Education is typically compiled of various subjects like Social Sciences, History, English or other subjects essential in a chosen program. If you are having a hard time identifying a major to take up in college, you can opt for general education first since this will open wider opportunities for you. Since you will be dealing with various subjects, you will not only become knowledgeable, but you will also discover your hidden interest and passion. Through General Education, you will be prevented from taking up a major which is not suitable for you. Aside from that, you can save a great amount of energy, money and time, which will result in short years spent in college.

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General Education can be a two-year program, but this can also cover indispensable credential which will be beneficial once you’re going to take a bachelor or masters degree. This can also be a four-year program which is enough for you to land an average-paying job in various sectors. Colleges hold various general education programs. The elective and curriculum subject can be diverse as this can be custom-made for each profession such as sales people or educators. Gen Ed is perfect for those who aspire of becoming a counselor, teacher, administrative assistant or sales representative.

This is vital for students to become a well rounded individual. Majority of these provide an opportunity for people to become a better problem solver and critical thinker in the end. It’s short sighted to think that they have no conveyance beyond college. Regardless of the number of argument that this is being accomplished in “K-12”, that is not true. “Content acquisition” is not similar to “learning how to think.” Developmentally, obtaining skills in critical thinking best happens when people reach 18 to 20 years old. This happens more successfully when students are being exposed to “multiple disciplines,” ways of thinking and making meaning across disciplines.

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The major complaint of employers about their newly hired graduates is their lack of ability to think critically and solve problems. As such, General Education courses are obviously needed. Conceivably, the issue is about making it more pertinent college students and explaining the great need for it. Even the most brilliant engineer who deals with great Science and Math needs to understand how they can work in a different workplace, communicate and write effectively and understand how thinking and working together can break or make a workplace environment.

If you only have taken the necessarily requirements for your desired major and disregarded the importance of Gen Ed, the risk will be “what if you failed to get into your chosen field?” If you haven’t taken Gen Ed, then it would be hard for you to land any type of job because of the limited knowledge you have.

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