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ELC UGA- eLearning Commons at University of Georgia

ELC UGA, or eLearning Commons at the University of Georgia, is a digital platform for students and instructors. It is an online space where students can store and track information related to their coursework and access educational resources, course materials, and assignments. At the same time, instructors can use it to manage their courses and interact with their students.

The eLearning commons is a collection of online resources that help people learn about different subjects. These resources can include articles, videos, quizzes, podcasts, and much more. The purpose of eLearning commons is to make learning accessible to everyone, regardless of their geographical location or economic background. With the rise of digitalization, eLearning commons have become a popular medium for people to gain knowledge and upskill themselves.

The platform support to the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and the University of Georgia’s Enterprise. The platform is our version of the company D2L’s learning management system called Brightspace. It refers to D2L or Brightspace, as well.


One of the advantages of ELC UGA is its accessibility. With an internet connection, students can access the platform from anywhere. This feature makes it ideal for students who cannot attend classes physically, as they can take all their courses online without missing any lessons. ELC UGA works towards improving its students’ motivation by providing a more flexible learning environment. Accessing ELC UGA To access ELC UGA, you must go to the ELC website at and log in using your My ID and password. Once you log in, you will take to the ELC homepage, which provides easy access to all the features available on the platform. It is important to note that the URL changes to once you log in. This address shows that ELC is the UGA instance of the Virtual Instruction Enterprise-Wide project within the University System of Georgia.

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UGA Features

It offers a variety of features that allow instructors to create an effective online learning environment for their students. The features available on ELC UGA include:

1. Document Sharing: Instructors can share and store course-related documents on the platform. This feature helps share lecture notes, syllabi, reading materials, and more.

2. Quizzes and Assessments: It allows instructors to create quizzes and assessments to evaluate student knowledge and understanding. The platform provides a variety of question types, including multiple choice, true/false, short answer, and more.

3. Online Discussions: Instructors can engage students in online discussions on ELC UGA. This feature helps facilitate class discussions, debates, and group projects.

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4. Video and Audio Resources: It allows instructors to share video and audio resources with their students. This feature helps share recorded lectures, interviews, and other course-related content.

5. Course Announcements: Instructors can use ELC UGA to deliver course announcements to their students. This feature helps share crucial course-related information, such as schedule changes, assignment due dates.

6. Accessible: The platform fully complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), ensuring that all students, regardless of their abilities, can access the course materials and resources.

Benefits of ELC UGA

It provides benefits to both instructors and students. The benefits of using ELC UGA include the following:

1. Flexibility: It allows instructors to create a flexible learning environment that can access from anywhere, at any time. This feature is helpful for students who may have other commitments or live far from campus.

2. Improved Communication: It allows for improved communication between instructors and students. This feature is helpful for students who may have questions about course materials, assignments, or other course-related issues.

3. Enhanced Learning: It provides instructors with various tools and resources to enhance student learning experiences. This feature helps create a more engaging and interactive learning environment.

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4. Timesaving: It allows instructors to create and share course-related materials quickly and easily, saving time on administrative tasks.

Mobile Application

It also provides a mobile app called Brightspace Pulse, available for both Apple and Android devices. This app allows students to receive push notifications about course announcements, view upcoming due dates and assignments, and review their grades. It makes the learning experience more convenient and accessible, especially for those who are always on the move.


During operating hours, students can submit technical assistance requests for ELC UGA via the EITS Help Desk at 706-542-3106. Additionally, they can visit the Student FAQs for ELC for more information. If the EITS Help Desk close, they can contact the University System of Georgia (USG) D2L Help Desk.


It is an efficient online learning management system that benefits students and instructors. Its accessibility, flexibility, and mobile app make it an ideal platform for students who cannot attend physical classes. With this comprehensive information, you can outrank existing articles about ELC UGA on Google.

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