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10 Things We Can Learn from Singapore Maths

The slang ‘Singapore Maths’ originated from the United States in the late 80s when a Singaporean primary mathematics textbook was introduced to the US curriculum. That name is now widely used around the world except in Singapore where they refer to the subject simply as ‘maths.’

Singapore maths is quite peculiar compared with the ordinary mathematics taught in western countries. The approach used in teaching the subject according to the norm is very organized. The CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract) method is the adopted model for teaching Singapore maths.

A lot of principles and techniques can be learned from studying Singapore maths. Homeschooling and private tuition are the best avenues to teach your child this math. Although, about 25 countries worldwide currently use the Singapore math curriculum, the USA inclusive. Being a more visual concept of learning, it is highly recommended from the elementary level. It will boost your child’s ability to master problem-solving skills faster.

Below are 10 unique things we can learn from Singapore maths.

Efficient Mastery of Concepts

In a regular maths class, students are taught by solving examples of mathematical problems under each topic to get acquainted with the idea behind the formula.

Whereas the Singaporean style of teaching maths delves much deeper into the entire concept. It enlightens the learners about the theory behind every topic before they are exposed to solving equations that follow.

For instance, Singapore maths will approach a question under long division with the remainder (say 31÷6) in this manner: “To share a box of 31 candies among 6 children, first let’s arrange 6 bowls beside the box. Next, we shall put an equal number of candies in each bowl then count the remainder.

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Simplified Curriculum

Termly or sessional lessons taught in Singaporean maths have been reduced from the bulky content of conventional maths. Students learning Singapore maths are taught fewer topics yearly than their peers in other countries. Acquiring a solid foundation in mathematics in spite of covering fewer topics is the most important goal of teaching Singapore maths. Teachers do not necessarily have to repeat concepts because of the in-depth understanding that students achieve on the first attempt.

Textbooks are Written in Clear Language

Learning is accelerated with maths tuition Singapore compared to the traditional methodology. The reason behind that is, their textbooks and workbooks are written in concise language. They adopt a peculiar style of representing facts with graphical figures and pictures. Such a pattern of text publication makes it more interesting to read especially by young and struggling minds. Topic choices are placed in sequence to further improve students’ understanding of previous activities.

Highly Ranked Program

The ranking of the international maths examination places Singapore maths in first place worldwide. Organizations responsible for global math and science assessments: the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) and the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) have recorded results of excellent performance by Singapore students.

The CPA Approach

This entails the Concrete, Pictorial, and Abstract methods of analyzing mathematical concepts. It is different from the traditional approach used to teach conventional maths.

In the concrete stage, there is an interaction with tangible objects for modelling problems. The pictorial approach involves connecting a mental picture of recently handled objects with their actual representation. While the abstract phase deals with the application of mathematical signs and symbols to model problems.

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Graded Mental Maths

Singapore maths is designed to assist students in learning place value and number progression off-hand. Their performance in solving mental sums is boosted with the attention given to them during lessons.

Learning how to analyze problems mentally originates from the concrete approach in proffering solutions. Singapore students are taught to break down mathematical problems with speed and accuracy at all times.

Encourages a Positive Attitude

The general mindset of a regular Singapore student is a positive one regarding the ability to conquer tasking issues in maths. Every Singapore scholar is taught not only to develop mathematical skills but also learn to resolve advanced problems that may arise suddenly without prior experience.

This attitude is beneficial in several aspects of life including maths. It is indispensable and progresses until adulthood when situations become difficult to manoeuvre.

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Figure Bonds

Also known as number bonds, figure bonds are a pictorial representation of numbers to depict the existing relationship between them. Usually, a particular whole number is written inside a circle. Then, using lines of connecting circles, the number parts are also written alongside.

That method helps to quicken the speed at which children adopt mathematical concepts early in life. Subtraction and addition concepts become easier to understand with the number bond technique prevalent in Singapore maths.

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Application of Bar Models

Singapore maths incorporates the application of bar models such as histograms and bar charts. Ratios, percentages, and fractions are mathematical concepts that can be visualized with the aid of charts like these.

Bar charts are in the same form as pictorial representations and give the learner a clear understanding of quantities or levels of objects or substances as the case may be. Students can easily illustrate available data in mathematical problems or real-life situations using this concept.

Teaches Fundamental Principles

Singapore maths prepares students for both O’ level and A-level exams. It focuses on topics related to number theory, algebra, statistics, and calculus.

There are several options available for math tuition in Singapore that you can register for either online or physically. Most of them have organized structures of teaching Singapore maths that you or your loved one can benefit from.

Bottom Line

Arrange a time to teach your child Singapore maths either personally or by engaging a private coach if you are resident in Singapore or not. The benefits far outweigh the drawbacks if there is really any serious one.

Mathematics is considered a difficult subject by the majority because of its abstract nature. It shouldn’t be avoided or disliked to prevent imminent failure. As a student or scholar, you must offer maths as a core subject in school whether you like it or not.

Therefore, to excel in your studies, I advise that you take math seriously and dedicate time to it. Aside from excelling in it, you can apply its concepts to real-life situations as you grow older. Good luck with your aspirations as you partake in Singapore maths today!


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