Global Education: Are International Schools the only option?

International schools have actually surpassed public schools or national schools in terms of number of student enrollment – and of course parental preference. The world “student” community – at large- is primarily driven by this belief. However, today what you’re going to read here might as well lead you to think otherwise. Read on to unravel what exactly we mean here.

Enrolling in Malaysian Schools: The Preferences and Views of Parents Discussed

When it comes to Malaysia, as per a report, it is absolutely clear that different people have very different thoughts or rather preferences as far as the schooling options are concerned. For some, enrolling their children in national schools seems an absolutely satisfactory option because that gives them a chance to save up for tertiary school. On the other hand, there are parents who are consistently endorsing international institutions quite simply because of the reputation enjoyed by them. The details have been offered below.

There are a few sets of parents who have enrolled their children in private schools following the national syllabus- and mind you, the choice is not driven by financial constraints. They have stuck to these schools in spite of having sufficient funds to sponsor international school education– and that’s simply because they are saving up for tertiary education. They are of opinion that private schools have way fewer students than that of the public ones and as such their children are getting the required attention from teachers. They are also of opinion that some schools follow strictly textbook oriented learning which does not encourage students to appreciate subjects critically.

What is the need for SPM Qualification?

Then there are parents who in spite of enrolling their children in international schools have paid due attention to the need for SPM qualification. According to them, it is difficult for students to obtain scholarships without Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia qualification.

Notably, some students whose parents have only recently settled in Malaysia, are finding it quite difficult to deal with Bahasa.

What exactly should you know about the medium of instruction?

Similarly, there are students who have been taught in Bahasa Malaysia (medium of instruction) but today are finding it difficult to cope with the lessons at the tertiary level because they are imparted in English. So, the medium of instruction has actually remained a very important factor considered by parents while they are in the process of enrolling their children in the respective academic institutions.

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