Character Education: Details of the Concept Explained

Character education is virtually a huge concept which seeks to address a number of difficult issues in academics within the school environment. If you look up online today, you might as well find slightly different definitions whereby it has been claimed that even the states and districts at large might as well work at tandem with schools to instill ethical, emotional and social values among students.

The fundamentals of character education revealed

The phenomenon includes several disciplines including

  • Service learning
  • Child education
  • Civic education
  • Social-emotional learning

It has been very interestingly pointed out that the schools must involve every member associated with it – teachers, communities, staff members, students, principal and even the parents to work towards the fruition of a single goal. Only the unison of all these members, it is believed, goes on to prove critical in the long run when it comes to helping students reach their full potential. Character education is thus today a vital part of the school culture. In fact, there are eminent educators that opine that character education must be made a part of the complete school curriculum today. Here is one efficacious way with the help of which the entire community can come forward to make confident – complete individuals out of students.

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Character Education: A bit about its past

Now, it must be mentioned that the basis of character education is not something new. Notably, moral education has actually existed for years. As per the author of the Educating for Character, Thomas Lickona moral education is definitely not a new idea – in fact it is as old as education itself. Education, as per the author has two goals – a) to make students smart b) to make students good.

Since the little boys and girls end up spending substantial amount of time in school, it is the responsibility of every member out there to weave an environment which helps them to inculcate the healthy, caring and hard-working attributes as kids slowly grow up into responsible men and women. In short, social and emotional development is considered as important as core academics itself.

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Character education once again has existed in the US public schools since years now, and with the passage of time it is only becoming an important part of the mandate of schools worldwide.

Does it actually “help”?

In fact, the efficacy of this particular phenomenon is backed by substantial evidence as well. Schools that have implemented character education have actually gone on to witness significant transformation among children in terms of co-operation, compassion, respect and empathy. All these positive virtues obviously went on replace negative aspects such as anger, violence, apathy, disrespect and inability to make substantial achievements.

Please make sure that you are actually leaving no stone unturned to find out more about character education and its impact on moulding the immediate future of students. There is no dearth of resources to actually help you there. Please make sure that you are not undermining the role of character education in shaping generation Z in a desirable fashion.

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