Key Strategies for IELTS Preparation Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

IELTS Preparation Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic


The IELTS exam ( IELTS Preparation ) is taken by over 2 million individuals every year who wish to study and work abroad. This test examines their English language proficiency in academics and for professional purposes. Globally, it is taken by students in paper-pen and computer mode. But with the COVID-19 pandemic, all the test-takers might have to follow specific key strategies for their IELTS exam preparation.

As IELTS has paused in some locations, you might have second thoughts to put your work, study, and migration goals on hold. But that’s a flawed belief! Instead, we suggest you utilize this time to boost your IELTS exam score. Join the best IELTS coaching institutes in Chandigarh, practice more, and ace your skills to get a significant band score.

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Also, we have shared the 10 best strategies to help you strengthen your chances of enrolling in training programs, pursuing secondary education, or gaining robust work experience. Let’s lay bare them all one by one!

Get acquainted with the IELTS test format

As you know, there are four modules in IELTS, and each question will assess your expertise in the English language. So it is paramount to ensure the time you will require for completing each module, the types of questions that come, the band descriptors, and which universities each band will help you enrol in. Additionally, you can also practice multiple tests by joining the best online IELTS coaching in your city.

Don’t miss these learning tips:

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Cover ample topics (IELTS Preparation)

You can utilize your extra time to read, listen, and watch English content on various platforms. Flip through books, novels, online publications, English series, blogs, articles, and more. It is noteworthy that the texts you will come across in the Reading and Writing module of the IELTS exam are taken from real-life scenarios. In fact, it’s better to give real-life examples and share actual stories in the speaking part as it will help you form sentences more easily.

Use IELTS support tools

To walk out as an IELTS expert, download the IELTS support tool booklet. It will help you better understand IELTS test criteria, band scores, and various written samples with the examiner’s comments.

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Record your progress

To analyze your preparation status, the IELTS progress check is the only practice test available. By performing this test, you can get personalized feedback from an IELTS expert along with an indicative band score (separate for the Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening module). It will help you determine the loopholes and take the required measures for improving your band score leaps and bounds.

Renovate your study area (IELTS Preparation)

Your study area can eventually pile up huge clutter! And this issue can often lead to a lack of interest in studying. Therefore, it is crucial to clean your work table with a damp cloth, decorate it with some creative items, place a comfortable chair or open windows for fresh air and sunlight. All these instructions might seem irrelevant initially, but they will help increase your attention span once you begin to study.

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Set theme as English-only zone

When you create an adequate study space at your home, try to make it an “English Only Zone”. Set a rule for yourself stating that everything you do in this area should be in English. For example, if you use sticky notes, write them in English, change your computer’s Operating System to English, text your friend from this space in English, play motivational melodies in English, and more. Studies reveal that “English only spaces” help individuals improve their English language fluency, vocabulary, and other key skills. All these tricks will surely help you in the final IELTS exam.

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Avoid distractions (IELTS Preparation)

When you study, ensure not to use your phone for social media, online shopping, news updates, email notification, text messages, tik-tok, or more. All these activities can cause distraction. However, to dodge them, you can prepare IELTS study material on paper and switch off your phones, TV, and other devices during study hours. Try it once, and you will certainly feel the difference.

Find a quiet place (IELTS Preparation)

Find a place where you can be loud without any disturbance. For the IELTS exam, it is critical to practice speaking and listening in the English language. So if you can, we advise you to find a practice friend in your safe circle or on a Zoom call and communicate with them in the “quiet place”. Speak loud and clear English without worrying about annoying other people. Also, you can try a park, garage, or the lobby of your building to hone your speaking and listening skills. This tip will indeed help you have some interesting and uninterrupted conversations.

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Update yourself regularly

As the COVID-19 situation is changing continuously, it becomes important for candidates to keep themselves updated about the test schedule, work/study, and migration goals. Because the IELTS tests are suspended in many areas, we suggest you check for your location.

 Maintain Safety

If you have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient or experiencing any symptoms, inform the assigned test centre. Additionally, wear masks, bring a self-declaration confirming that you are fit to give the test, use hand sanitisers for maintaining precaution, and follow all the specified guidelines. Be rest assured, as all the IELTS test centres follow precise safety instructions, including sanitization of computers, social distancing, availability of sanitisers, checking of body temperature right before test and more.

If you follow all these strategies emphatically, COVID-19 won’t ever hinder your IELTS exam preparation. Besides, you can also join online IELTS coaching institutes or enrol in online doubt classes and study sessions. Let’s triumph over it!

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