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Tips and Tricks for Students to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

Plagiarism in research papers can compromise the student’s promise, so how do you go about avoiding it?

Plagiarism has long haunted the writers of our world. From fiction writers to professionals working in papers, plagiarism is a bad shadow on the craft of writing. That’s why universities and academia ensure everything they can to stop plagiarism in the lives of their students.

Regardless, in a study with 17,000 students, 40% admitted that they plagiarize content when writing assignments. While the future implications for this admitted cheating can be devastating for them, it’s simply avoidable.

Granted, some students like to take the short route when writing research papers. However, the process of eliminating plagiarism from your content requires the student to comprehend the subject properly. So, let’s take a deep dive and examine what we know.

Top 9 Ways to Avoid Plagiarism in Research Papers

A plagiarized research paper can compromise the integrity and credibility of a student. Not only will it affect their GPA, but it would also bend the learning curve in an unfixable manner.

Therefore, the importance of avoiding plagiarism is more critical now than ever. So, how do you go about fixing it? Here are ten ways that professionals suggest you can avoid plagiarism:

1.    Research Thoroughly

If you understand a topic well enough, then you will never have to look at another writer’s work for it. The lack of subject research is one of the primary reasons behind unwanted plagiarism. Even if you paraphrase content, it can still cause your content’s integrity to fail.

Research papers need to feature raw information, and for that, you need to understand the pulp of the subject you’re writing. Therefore, focus on learning as much as you can and research where you think it’s required. This way, you will grasp the topic firmly.

2.    Use Plagiarism Checker

Even if a student finishes writing the perfect research paper, a small percentage of accidental plagiarism can ruin it entirely. You can try to explain it to your tutor, teacher, professor, etc. but, they won’t understand, so it’s better to double-check your writing.

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How do you do that? By using a free online plagiarism checker with percentage. This process will increase your confidence in your written work and help you eliminate any accidental duplicity you might have committed.

So, let’s take some random sentences to check plagiarism in it. The results are as follows

It underlines the plagiarized content and also tells the percentage of the plagiarized content in it.

3.    Use a Paraphrasing Tool

Research writers are humans, and every writer can run out of words. Moreover, writer’s block is something that even professional writers cannot overcome entirely sometimes. That’s when you need something to help you overcome this challenge.

So, what do you do? Use a rephrasing tool to paraphrase the content. These paraphrasers can help you identify the right or a different way to express something. This process can also help you reduce the chances of unwanted plagiarism.

Now you put some sentences to paraphrase them. It highlights the words that have been paraphrased.

4.    Cite Your Sources

One common occurrence of unwanted plagiarism is the lack of the original writer’s credit. If you see a research paper or dissertation and read phrases like “according to…,” or “as mentioned by…,” this is a writer’s way of accrediting the proper researcher/writer behind an original work.

Recognizing other writers’ work will not only pertain to their reputation but also affect yours positively. Therefore, whenever necessary, make sure you cite your sources and refer to the places from where you take your information.

Hint: Try to avoid citing Wikipedia.

5.    Focus On Citations

Citing your source is essential, but mentioning them correctly is even more necessary. The types of citation in a research paper are vastly different than that of a blog or an online medium. Online platforms just hyperlink citations or sources.

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However, a proper research paper needs to follow a certain guideline and structure. Therefore, you need to reference your citations once you finish writing your work. You need to cite where necessary, but make sure you cite properly.

6.    Quotations When Necessary

The two differences between a quotation and citation are specificity and rephrasing. A citation is a writer’s way to cite the source of the work, using their own words. However, a quotation is a direct way of citing said sources.

For instance, if you were to use a quote from a famous personality, using it as it was would require a quotation. Whereas paraphrasing it and breaking it down in your word requires citation. So, use quotations when necessary, as they can avoid plagiarism.

7.    Keep Notes of Research

Let’s go back to step one for a second. All that research you spend your time on will play an overlapping part throughout your research writing. So, why do you need to keep notes exactly? To ensure that you have all the necessary information in case of any required citation or quotations.

Writers often fail to mention the subject’s sources or quotations because they don’t keep tabs on their research. So, try to keep notes as you go while you research your subject’s core.

8.    Grasp the Central Concept

Perhaps the best way to avoid any plagiarism at all is by grasping the central concept of your research paper. It can be a difficult task in many scientific fields.

However, if you don’t present your original ideas in your work, there’ll always be a slight chance of plagiarism. To avoid this entirely, make sure you grasp the central concept of your topic and write in your own words.

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9.    Proofread Thoroughly

Once you finish writing your paper, go through it again. Not only will it help you correct any mistakes and make it flow better, but it will also help you catch any unwanted similarities and duplicities between your research and your content.

Why is Avoiding Plagiarism Necessary for Research Writers?

All of the tips mentioned above can sound like tedious work. So, do you want to know why it’s necessary? Then, follow along:

·         Because It’s Unethical

Perhaps the best explanation of the negativity of plagiarism is that it’s unethical. The peers look down upon anyone who commits plagiarism in any creative capacity. For a research writer, it’s akin to a cardinal sin, so avoiding it is a necessity.

·         Reputation

If your work features plagiarism, even accidentally, it will taint your reputation as a research writer. Research papers need to be original and contain original information. Therefore, avoiding plagiarism can help you keep your reputation afloat.

·         Content Credibility

If you’re a student, know that your research papers will directly affect your GPA scores. So, plagiarism is a liability, and it will ruin your content’s credibility, which you cannot afford. That is why you need to steer clear of it.

·         Professional Affects

Plagiarism ruins the learning process and prevents you from grasping the necessary concepts of your field. For the sake of your future, try avoiding plagiarism in a research paper.

·         Academic Impact

Lastly, academic scores and reputation will have a long-standing impact on your career and life as a whole. Therefore, try to avoid plagiarism at all costs.


These are the best tips you can find to avoid plagiarism in research papers. While the latter five reasons sum up the effects of plagiarism perfectly, there’s still more to it. So, try to use a plagiarism checker and paraphrasing tools whenever necessary to stay in the clear.


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