What should you about Authentic Learning?

Today if you start reading up about the most dominant learning trends of 2017 and of the years to come then you are bound to come across authentic lea

Today if you start reading up about the most dominant learning trends of 2017 and of the years to come then you are bound to come across authentic learning. Yes, in the years to come authentic learning is poised to spearhead education in a major way. Understanding the scope of authentic learning we believe is the best possible way with the help of which you can actually go on to embrace it in its entirety. So, do read on in order to be duly guided in this regard.

What is Authentic Learning? What Should you Know about it?

Let us start with discovering what authentic learning actually is. Authentic learning actually refers to real life learning whereby students are expected to create useful concrete products that can actually be shared with the world. The educator has the pivotal role to play as well. Besides providing the resources, guidelines and timeline of projects, he/she has the crucial responsibility of constantly motivating students fulfill their responsibilities as well. The primary aim of authentic learning is to engage all the senses of students so as to encourage them to create something meaningful that can be shared with the world out there.

Bringing real world problems in learning

Real world problems actually make for a very crucial component authentic learning. The aim of the educators in this regard is to take the problem beyond the classroom. Students are expected to face real world problems and not just any other classroom exercise. There is an entire change of dynamics as soon as the problems transcend the boundaries of the classroom — thereby forcing students to actually become emotional stakeholders in the whole problem. Social studies, Science and other subjects can jolly well capitalize on the real world problem.

Let us take an example when students of Science actually collect water samples from nearby streams for quality check or for that matter when students of social studies actually venture out of classrooms to interact with the underprivileged.

Student at the Core

Authentic learning- in other words- can jolly well be described as student oriented learning whereby they are actually dealing with problems that have actually got a personal angle to it. It’s the students who go on to play a pivotal role in meeting the challenge at hand by defining the problem first and then determining a way out. It doesn’t matter whether it’s literature or health, students must be emboldened enough to make informed choices. When it comes to literature and art, students are encouraged to make their own interpretations of literary works. As per the most eminent proponents of authentic learning, learning is more of an individual experience rather than mass diktat. There is a greater need for individualization and personalization of learning. It is the responsibility of the educator to help students explore the variety of avenues.

Make sure that you are actually educating yourself more about the nuances of authentic learning without fail because it will eventually take on shaping education in a major way.

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