Humanity Is Science Having Self-Awareness

A World War II, that is how movie themes overcome depression is depression having nothing to do with movie themes losing to World War II.

Movie themes that lose to World War II are non-themes that lose to World War II; non-themes are actualities – depression that has nothing to do with actualities losing to World War II is World War II being how actualities overcome depression.

If the battle against Nazi Germany is the method in which truths overcome depression, an inevitable, and a fair interpretative outcome is depression being the antagonist to truths losing to the battle against Nazi Germany.

The conflict with Nazi Germany, it also seems fair to state, is a reference. Depression that prevents truths from losing to a reference is a reference that helps truths beat depression – depression is a psychological state, and thus, a reference that helps truths beat a psychological state (or just a psychology) is a psychology that prevents truths from losing to a reference.

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A psychology that prevents truths from losing to a reference is a fiction that prevents truths from losing to a fiction – a fiction that prevents truths from losing to a fiction is a truth that helps lies beat a truth.

A truth that helps lies, to beat a truth, is the inability to help lies beat a truth; the inability to help lies beat truth is a truth that is opposed to truths losing to weakness.

A truth that opposes truths losing to weakness is a truth that opposes truths imitating weakness: a truth that stops truths imitating weakness is a physical that stops physicals from copying fiction.

A physical is a road; a road stops roads from imitating non-roads.

The imitation of non-roads is the presence of non-roads. The presence of non-roads is the absence of roads – a road that stops roads ending roads are roads helping roads create a road.

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Roads that help roads create a road is copies that help copies create a single that is identical to the copies: copies that help copies does not help copies – not helping copies means to obstruct copies.

Stopping copies from creating a single that is identical to copies are differences that create a single that is identical to copies: differences that create a single are differences that ignore numerous – differences that ignore numerous which is identical to copies is differences that don’t ignore which is the same as copies.

The same as copies is non-copies. Differences that don’t ignore which are differences is differences that ignore which is copies.

Differences are personalities. Personalities that ignore which is non-personalities is personalities meaning avoidance which is non-personalities – avoidance which is non-personalities is non-personalities being attention.

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Personalities mean non-personalities being attention – attention therefore means non-personalities being non-personalities.

Non-personalities being non-personalities is non-personalities being the same; attention is non-personalities being the same, which means that attention is personalities being different.

Conflict is personalities being non-attentive.

Morality is personalities being attentive.

Morality is war being attentive.

Morality is war being communication.

Morality is conflict being communication.

Communication is conflict being conflict.

Communication is war embodying itself, and so, communication is stability being outside of itself.

Human speech is stability seeing itself: humanity is chaos seeing itself.

Chaos is the absence of rules. The absence of rules is the absence of science, and so, humanity is non-science seeing non-science (or science seeing humanity).

Humanity that means science sees humanity – the potential to mean that humanity is science seeing science.

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